Green Shoppe

Green Shoppe is a platform for self sustaining NGOs manufacturing environment friendly products. The main objective of the shoppe is two fold-
1. to provide a platform for NGOs to be able to sell their products. All the proceedings are towards the betterment of some sector of the community which has lesser opportunities for a livelihood
2. To provide a one stop shop for the consumers to get authentic environment friendly products.

Keeping both these objectives in mind the Green Shoppe began as an action oriented programme in 2012 with only 2 networking NGOs. Over the last 5 years today the Green Shoppe networks with around 30 NGOs across the country and has more than 100 products to its credit. The shoppe operates under the 5 banners of Eco friendly festivals, eco friendly living, green gifts, shop with cloth and publications. Under the first banner the objective is to help the buyers to be able to celebrate a festival in an eco friendly fashion- these include rakhi, ganapati, diwali and Holi. In the rakhi we have rakhis made from bamboo, paper and cermaic. In Ganapati we have the entire My Ganesha Green Ganesha Kit which includes the Moorti of Shadu Maati with Natural colours, Makhar, aggrabatti, Supari bowls and plates for prasad distribution and the Ganesh patri plants too. In Diwali we have wonderful gift hampers and paper lanterns and in Holi we have the natural colours made of  beetroot, spinach, haldi etc. the most important banner for the shoppe which is needed for conservation is the 2nd one of eco friendly living in which we have the natural toiletry set (clenture), the eco friendly stationary of folders, paper pencils and the recycled paper notepads, eco friendly sanitary napkins, vala chappals and fans and caps, and also the supari bowls and plates. We also have the Sarai cooker and solar heating systems. Our most popular banner is the Green gifts which has some wonderful pine wood artefacts, vala ganapatis, paper mache and breadcraft products. the fourth banner which has become the need of the hour in this age of No plastic bags- we have alternatives which include bags made of cotton, jute and upcylced flex. Finally we feel that knowledge of any subject is a must to do anything in the field and thus we have many publications of different NGOs working in the field of environment education and conservation. our request to all who know us and would like to be a part of this Green living movement to help us in the following ways:

  • Conducting exhibitions, Putting up stalls
  • Placing orders for Diwali, Holi & Ganesh Chaturthi
  • Gifting purpose
  • Eco-friendly office stationery
Five years down today Green Shoppe intends moving to its second level. The first level of being able to sell products of NGOs is quite streamlined and we look at scaling up this activity, but the second level intends selling concepts- in which the first concept we wish to introduce is the Green Living Consultancy- in field of waste, water and energy management. the other concepts that the Green Shoppe is working on is Social tourism and eco friendly celebrations ( like birthdays, parties etc).

Overall the Green Shoppe aims to reach out to the larger masses by connecting the lesser known individuals to the larger consumer and thus the tag line of the Shoppe is Small Purchases, Big Differences- to help India develop sustain ably and to help Mother Earth become a much better place to live on

Eco Friendly Festivals

Eco Friendly Living


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