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  • Green Living Consultancy

    Green Living Consultancy: An eco- friendly way of life Initial free consultation is given to local people/localities is given on subjects like Waste water management, Rain water management, Solid ...

  • Green Shoppe

    Aapala Paryavaran Green Shoppe The Green Shoppe provides a platform to self-sustaining NGO’s manu-facturing eco-friendly products across the country. The objective of the shoppe is to also ...

  • Green Careers

    Green Careers – Careers In Environment. Opportunities in Environment management are increasing due to growing urbanization. Workshops/ courses are conducted to introduce the aspirants to ...

    • Apala Paryavaran Environmental Calendar 2024

      Apala Paryavaran Environmental Calendar 2024


    • Maza Talao-Lake Adoption Campaign

      Maza Talao-Lake Adoption Campaign


    • Gardening Course 2023-24 Thane

      Gardening Course 2023-24 Thane


    • Gardening Course 2023-24 Dombivli

      Gardening Course 2023-24 Dombivli


Aapala Paryavaran- Publication

Aapala Paryavaran- Publication/Magazine - Estd.2004 Keeping the tagline ‘Environmental education to every home’, ‘Aapala Paryavaran’ magazine in semi english is helping students, their teachers, parents in the process of environmental education. Information about nature –environment, introduction of environmentalists, informing people about various environmental issues, incidents, attractive and suitable designs are special ...


Ankur theme park Visit

Ankur Theme Park Organic Farming

Aapala Paryavaran- Film Festival

Aapala Paryavaran- Film Festival- 2008 Audio- Visual is the best medium to generate awareness among people from various backgrounds, educational institutions Environmental Film Festivals. Nine Film Festivals are conducted from the past nine ...

Nandanvan: Competition

Nandanvan is a very innovative and novel competition that the organization has been conducting for 4 years. The objective of this event is to encourage all those garden lovers who grow whatever little they can in whatever space is available to them.

Clean Creek Movement

Every year awareness is created and campaigns are done like ‘Clean Creek Movement’ for Thane Creek’s conservation and cleanliness.

Film Club Activity

PDM also has archive of hundreds of documentary films and short films in sixteen categories like wildlife, birds, biodiversity of lakes, rivers, wetlands and oceans, forest, nature, environment, water, land and agriculture, sustainable ...

Eco- Friendly Festivals

Holi with Natural Colours: Workshops, lectures and programmes to teach people to make natural colours with easily available household materials are conducted. Emphasis is also made to avoid burning large holikas by cutting trees, instead people ...

Awareness Workshops

We organise many Environmental Awareness workshops on different topics related to environment. Lectures as well practicals by Eminent Faculties in the Environment field.

Nisarg Mela – World Wild Life Day

‘Nisargamela’ is arranged to spread awareness about wildlife. Students learn various things about nature, environment through various games, competitions etc. This programme is being conducted for last 10 years. Efforts are being made to conduct ...

Maha Suryakumbh activity co-hosted with Keshav Shrushti

Maha Suryakumbh activity co-hosted with Keshav Shrushti MahaSuryakumbha was a partnering activity of PDM with Keshav Shrushti. It is a ‘Solar Cooking’ activity to educate & create awareness about “Solar Energy”. Maha-suryakumbh ...

Our Projects

Some of Our Highlighted Projects.

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