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Paryavaran Shala

Paryavaran Shala- Open Environment School- Estd.2000

From the past fourteen years a weekly school for all age groups is being conducted to create an attitudinal and behavioural shift in the lifestyle of people to that of a more environment sustainable one.

In 2009 Khuli Paryavaran Shala started for citizens who are enthusiastic about environment conservation. People from all professions, age can join this school.

Gramin Paryavaran Shala – Estd. 2015

Gramin Paryavaran Shala is the center of Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal which is specially dedicated for awareness in rural areas at grassroot level. We are focusing on four basic topics which are directly related to rural areas i.e. Jal (water), Jangal (forest), Jameen (soil) & Urja

(energy). Awareness programmes, eco-friendly festivals & environment days are done in Zilla Parishad  schools of rural areas. This center is in Mamnoli village and working in three tahasils of Thane district – rural Kalyan, Murbad and Bhiwandi.

Glimpses of Paryavaranshala




Nanadanvan Home Garden Competition

Enviro Vigil organises NanadanVan Home Garden Competition.
Between 10th January to 15 February 2018.
Entry Last date 30th January 2018.
Contact Details: 02225380648, 9869033583


Events of PDM

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Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal Working Team

Bhatkanti Projects

Bhatkanti- Experiencing Nature- Estd.2001

Thousands of people have participated in more than four hundred nature trails till today, with experts, understanding various aspects of biodiversity in different seasons and regions.

Events Under Bhatkanti

Glimpses of Bhatkanti

Ankur Theme Park

Ankur- Environmental Theme Park- Estd. 2007

Ankur Theme Park is our environment conservation education centre which demonstrates twelve urban based conservation projects in it, practices for groups to see, understand and implement it. Ankur -includes projects like Organic Farming, Shade House, Vermicomposting, Vermi Wash, Biogas, Bio composting, Rain Water Harvesting (RWH), Aquaculture, Medicinal Plants, Magic Bucket, Terrace Garden and Kandi Kolsa (obtained from biomass waste). Now Ankur theme park has also made a Butterfly garden in its campus. Butterflies multiply in clean air and environment. It sells more than ten tons of vermicompost every year. Ankur is the site where we give information of above projects mentioned above. We conduct students visit for three hours. More than one thousand students and two thousand general people have visited Ankur. This site is also available for student projects.

Green Living Consultancy

Green Living Consultancy: An eco- friendly way of life

Initial free consultation is given to local people/localities is given on subjects like Waste water management, Rain water management, Solid waste management, Energy resource management, Nursery management, landscaping and Health Management

Green Shoppe

Aapala Paryavaran Green Shoppe

The Green Shoppe provides a platform to self-sustaining NGO’s manu-facturing eco-friendly products across the country. The objective of the shoppe is to also provide one shop stop for the aware consumers to get environment friendly products. The Shoppe has artifacts made from waste pinewood with Warli paintings on them done by Adivasis, Vetivar (Vala) root products like Ganesh idols, hats, footwear, fans, curtains, soaps and perfumes are cooling agents with medicinal value. Highly durable and reusable dishes and bowls which can be used for functions are made from agricultural remains of the Areca Palm tree. Natural toiletry kit; conference kit made of paper, cloth or flex; bags made of cotton banana fibre, jute and flex are also sold. Environment Education Kit consists of books, display board material, games and audio visuals to help do effective environment education for different age groups mainly school children. Celebration kits include Ganesh idols made and coloured in eco-friendly material, eco-friendly rakhis made from bamboo, paper, cloth and natural colours for holi. Jewellery from bio-degradable products, paper mache products, artifacts and some utility products is made by special children.


Green Careers

Green Careers – Careers In Environment.

Opportunities in Environment management are increasing due to growing urbanization. Workshops/ courses are conducted to introduce the aspirants to various opportunities available in the field of environment. They are provided all necessary guidance to take up careers in this field. Study material and certificates are provided after completion of the course. The course range is from one day to ten days for sensitive environment enthusiasts.

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