PDM has introduced conservation based projects for different audience yearly.


Paryavaran Shala- Open Environment School- Estd.2000

From the past fourteen years a weekly school for all age groups is being conducted to create an attitudinal and behavioural shift in the lifestyle of people to that of a more environment sustainable one.


In 2009 Khuli Paryavaran Shala started for citizens who are enthusiastic about environment conservation. People from all professions, age can join this school.


Gramin Paryavaran Shala – Estd. 2015

Gramin Paryavaran Shala is the center of Paryavaran Dakshata Mandal which is specially dedicated for awareness in rural areas at grassroot level. We are focusing on four basic topics which are directly related to rural areas i.e. Jal (water), Jangal (forest), Jameen (soil) & Urja

(energy). Awareness programmes, eco-friendly festivals & environment days are done in Zilla Parishad  schools of rural areas. This center is in Mamnoli village and working in three tahasils of Thane district – rural Kalyan, Murbad and Bhiwandi.


Bhatkanti- Experiencing Nature- Estd.2001

Thousands of people have participated in more than four hundred nature trails till today, with experts, understanding various aspects of biodiversity in different seasons and regions.


Palvi- Environmental awareness- Estd.2002

Palvi events are conducted in schools at a regular basis for creating a change in attitude and behaviour towards environment friendly celebration of all our festivals.


Jalasaksharta- Water Awareness Project- Estd.2003

This project creates awareness about importance of water, uses of water and water conservation. Awareness programmes with different groups to encourage people to set up rain water harvesting plants in their localities, waste water recycling plants are conducted by PDM


Aapala Paryavaran- Publication/Magazine – Estd.2004

Keeping the tagline ‘Environmental education to every home’, ‘Aapala Paryavaran’ magazine in semi english is helping students, their teachers, parents in the process of environmental education. Information about nature –environment, introduction of environmentalists, informing people about various environmental issues, incidents, attractive and suitable designs are special features of this magazine.


Vasundhara- Environmental Information Project- Estd.2005

There is also a huge library of more than six hundred books of categories in: flora, fauna, fruits, water, waste, energy, environment, acts and rules of environment, agriculture, science general and encyclopedia (environment, nature, birds, animals, flowers, gardening, agriculture, science and technology, childcraft series), Thane District Gazetteers, proceedings, annual reports. These serve as an easy access to teachers and students that work on various environmental projects and others who are studying environmental science.


Nisarga- Environmental Research Project- Estd.2006

Environmental Science is multidisciplinary. ‘Nisarga’ is an initiative to encourage and motivate young students to take up research projects in Nature and Environment. Technical and financial assistance along with expert guidance is provided.


Ankur- Environmental Theme Park- Estd. 2007

Ankur Theme Park is our environment conservation education centre which demonstrates twelve urban based conservation projects in it, practices for groups to see, understand and implement it. Ankur -includes projects like Organic Farming, Shade House, Vermicomposting, Vermi Wash, Biogas, Bio composting, Rain Water Harvesting (RWH), Aquaculture, Medicinal Plants, Magic Bucket, Terrace Garden and Kandi Kolsa (obtained from biomass waste). Now Ankur theme park has also made a Butterfly garden in its campus. Butterflies multiply in clean air and environment. It sells more than ten tons of vermicompost every year. Ankur is the site where we give information of above projects mentioned above. We conduct students visit for three hours. More than one thousand students and two thousand general people have visited Ankur. This site is also available for student projects.


Aapala Paryavaran- Film Festival- Estd.2008

Audio- Visual is the best medium to generate awareness among people from various backgrounds, educational institutions and Environmental Film Festivals. Nine Film Festivals are conducted from the past nine years by receiving active participation from films made by various organisations and students.


Kagad Shilpa- Recycling and reusing paper- Estd.2010

Reusing paper by making paper bags, making various gift articles are the point of focus. Training workshops are also conducted.


Bio Resource Research Centre (BRC)-Nisargayan- Mamnoli- Estd. 2011

In Mamnoli, a centre for research in conservation of seeds, trees and medicinal plants is established. To conserve rural environment and forests is the motto of this centre. Various employment options for farmers like organic farming, vermi composting, nursery management, gardening etc. are suggested through workshops. BRC also sells plants like Vala, Pachouli, medicinal plants and indigenous species for afforestation projects. This centre is in Mamnoli village on Kalyan Murbad Road in Thane Dist.


Devraee Afforestation project- Estd.2015

Tree plantation drives are initiated in site like Runda, near Kaluriver, Titwala, Kalyan. Dist. Thane


 Vasundhara- Environmental Information (Digital Film Library):

PDM also has archive of hundreds of documentary films and short films in sixteen categories like wildlife, birds, biodiversity of lakes, rivers, wetlands and oceans, forest, nature, environment, water, land and agriculture, sustainable development, energy, solid waste management, sanitation, climate change, eco-friendly festivals, pollution (air, water, sound, e-waste, radiation-health, food pollution), animation films, people and poverty. These films are mainly in hindi, marathi and english.