Ankur- Environmental Theme Park- Estd. 2007

Ankur Theme Park is our environment conservation education centre which demonstrates twelve urban based conservation projects in it, practices for groups to see, understand and implement it. Ankur -includes projects like Organic Farming, Shade House, Vermicomposting, Vermi Wash, Biogas, Bio composting, Rain Water Harvesting (RWH), Aquaculture, Medicinal Plants, Magic Bucket, Terrace Garden and Kandi Kolsa (obtained from biomass waste). Now Ankur theme park has also made a Butterfly garden in its campus. Butterflies multiply in clean air and environment. It sells more than ten tons of vermicompost every year. Ankur is the site where we give information of above projects mentioned above. We conduct students visit for three hours. More than one thousand students and two thousand general people have visited Ankur. This site is also available for student projects.