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Paryavarn Shala (School of Environment)

Weekend school for the individuals of all age groups. Teaching day to day science of Enviornment.

Emphasis on real life experience along with classroom teaching.

Palavi - Enviornmental Awarness creation
To induce people to celebrate festivals in an enviornmental friendly manner. A continuous awarness creation drive is conducted.
Vasundhara- Environmental Information Project
Vasundhara project runs an information centre which provides authentic and reliable information about environment in the form of books, periodical, reports, films, pictures and charts.
Nisarg - Environmental Research Project
It provides opportunity , funds and guidence to students; to inculcate in them the skill and attitude of doing scientific research.
Aapala Paryavaran - Environmrntal Publication
Only Marathi magazine dedicated to Environment! Spreading the information about Environment, personalities, events, Environmental News facts & nature.
Aapala Paryavaran - Film Festival
Film is very effective took to spread environmental awarness. Film festivals are organised in small schools and other places with the hlp of local organizers.
To thoroughly understand Biodiversity chnages in the surrounding due to changes of season, to feel the heart beats of nature, Nature trails & camps & visits are organized with knowledgeable faculty.
Enviro-Vigil is a Thane based Non Government Organization (NGO), which was formed in the year 1999, with an objective to educate and train the society on environmental issues. Since then, Enviro-Vigil has undertaken several innovative activities and projects to create environmental awareness among the people of the society. These activities are clubbed under the banner of Paryavaran Dakshata Manch.
Prakruti - Biomedical Waste Management Project

This is a joint project with TMC the facility has been awarded ISO 9001-2000 certification. It has also received Good Green Governance award. This project helps thousands of health care units to scientifically manage their biomedical waste.

Ankur - Environment Experience Theme Park
Live demonstration of biogas, vermi-composting kandi kolasa, terrace garden with compositing kitchen garden for vegetables, bio-composting, rainwater harvesting & waste management.
Green living consultancy - Environment Consultancy & Guidance
Water management, Rainwater harvesting, Waste water recycling, Energy management,Alternative energy sources, Solar, Biogas, Domestic & Industrial work management composting & vermicomposting projects.
Kagasshilpa _ Environmental Recycling
To promote reusing paper for making paper bags. Poplarizing paper bags for dry carrying promoting gift articles & Ganpati Idols made of Paper pulp to create environmental awarness.
Green Careers - Environmental career guidance program
To promote Environmental management as a career and also exploring diffrent jobs and business careers in the field of environment for all the nature loving people.
FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT www.envirovigil.org