workshop conducted by Enviro- Vigil under green career courses on last Sunday, 20th of March, 2016. This workshop facilitated by Mr. Bharat Godambe of PDM. He explained the concept of Kandi-Kolsa and gave information about Sarai Cooker (model developed by ARTI). He displayed the working model of SARAI COOKER to the participants. He demonstrated the process of making Charcoal from Bio-degradable waste. He shown how to assemble Sarai Cooker and gave cooking instructions on it. Simultaneously he placed rice, daal and mix sprouted grams in the Sarai Cooker for 45 minutes. Shilpa Mangal Prakash Shirvadkar showed short film on Kandi Kolasa and how to used sarai cooker at home. After 45 minutes food was completely cooked and it was ready to eat. After film session all participants were tasted the delicious food in that cooker.
All 14 participants were enjoyed this innovative workshop.